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Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 27, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 27 2017 Compiled 12:17 am EDT 27 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recov...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Holy Spirituality with Pine Cone: Narcissistic Fun

☯ we are so much more than we realize ☯

Billie Goat pays $500/mo to an FBI federal bankrobber, named Ponzi Scheme for a little 2016 Corolla, that’s worth $9000, that he owes $18,000 on in his Narcissistic limited mind-control 3d Guilty debt-ridden ridiculed Arrogant Collective Mom Sex Kid Cop Rob Rot Mob Posse-worship Consciousness victim/victimizer/caretaker Godless codependent Martyrdumb Outhouse delusion.

Billie has been thinking, only “Goat” as if when the Ascension Jubilee arrives he will trade in his Corolla, to pay off his ever-increasing debt, when he purchases his New comfortable safe van conversion for cash, but Goatless ONENESS Silly Sentient Light Being just realized Ascension Jubilee wipes out his 3d bank robber Blackmailer Ponzi Scheme, so 5d Sillie may give away his sore-joints torture Stockholm Syndrome Martyrdumb Corolla, to pay it forward to whoever wants to fit in a comfortable ride, their-speak, until they become a 5d Sentient Light Being soul too.

One moment Billie is a 3d Goat in his dumbed down Narcissistic limiting mind, and the next moment he isn’t, even an illusory gender at all, because all along he was a lot more than he had, ever known in his self-hate projecting mind-controlled mind. Billie forced himself into the label all other mirrors had forced themselves into too, so just like any 3d human gender narcissist Martyrdumb Illusion, Collective Narcissism Consciousness requires 3d mirrors to maintain separate delusions into victim/victimizer/caretaker Godless codependent Martyrdumb Outhouse Illusions.

Sillie Nillie had become the Corolla cramped Bille-metaphor 3d male Goat-metaphor, and like all limited Goats he couldn’t help peeing all over his own stinky-eye beard just before nuzzling up to his Knee-jerk aroused Valentine Vatican demonizer-model Pontificator. A 5d understanding of a 3d Narcissist is any man, who settles for pretending only a man, when Truly this limit is no less a limited perspective than a woman, only pretending to be his, just another Ponzi Scheme increasing debt/credit gender debtor/creditor.

A Sentient Light Being’s definition of a Mother-brick Rat-outhouse prison-pirate planeteer is any human in Earth-quarantine from the rest of the Universe, that, actually believes Orion’s Nebula is, just another Billie Goat hole in his horned Pineal Portal head. Like when the Ascension jubilee arrives in real timeless reverie freedom, there will be no more loan to pay off at all, neither will any 5d’er, still deny that when we humans enter the Pineal Portal to Immortality for~every~where Delighted, a Sentient Light Being’s new freedom comes with Thought travel benevolence to the Love power of ONENESS instant Magnanimity-dot.

Billie looks down at his 3d hand, and imagines what everyone else mirrors for his, very limited perception of a male Goat, but after he, just gives his Corolla away to anyone who needs it for a while, all human Goats will be able to see right through form-illusion limits and, never have to pay for anything in Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Illusory limits any more, either. So… then a narcissist is any human, and any gender-limit is a Narcissist, just by by 3d definition of any hater who pretends to ‘love’ themselves, so much that everyone else, only sees hateful/hatful/hatefilled projections out onto ONENESS Spirit Conscience, as self-centered-serving pouty drip-pity drop free-energy robbers stagnating in Love Ocean.

From Billie, and Sillie Goat pretending, so hard to remain limited pee-whisker debt riders, to imagining there aren’t any more Goats left to pee together, right into the rest of the Universe, just waiting to teleport via a user friendly responsiveness, that is the kindness missing in the mind of any 3d human limiting anoma-lie. The difference between Shapeshifting, and Transfiguration btw is ‘everything’ in the kindness, already missing in any Karmic-gender Illusory-motive Usury-mirror-debt/creditor Car-stereo player-fail.

Corollas are narcissists, men are narcissistic woman limiter mirrors, Cars are used 3d humans, definitions are narcissists, Portals are limiting narcissists if we don’t fly though Orion’s Nebulala, yet we, all have been there, and back, already so many times “One” would think we, bricks were as Crazy at the dirty rats, that could appear anywhere in the Universe, instead, if it weren’t for our Earth Outhouse-lack of unlimited ONENESS Spirit Conscience imaginations, never able to transform 3d Karmic-delusion into mirror-free 5d-illusion.

Goat-free to Karma-free to Perspective-free(flick the buddha Spirit-huma)
Gender-free Spirit is absolute unborn infinity(oooo, I wished I’d said that)

About the Author


I “Love” to Admit it 11/22/16

I “Love" to admit it, but I have been captivated by the constant Blackmail battering of this Child-sacrificing malevolent World, so that I ‘want’ to surrender to Holy Spirit, by turning within, as a new humble priority. Sex-slavery robbed me of my soul, as a child, yet once I realized everything difficult, that happens enhances my devotion to turn even, more within ONENESS Spirit Conscience forgiveness nurturing, instead.

I fought like Hell to work, very hard for Money to, barely survive, but after a few years of meditation, and forgiveness prayers to Holy Spirit, to do the difficult forgiveness of others, as myself, more money came to me from Spirit, right through other benevolent Sources, than I ever, even knew about, before surrender. I “Love” to admit that Money doesn’t come from hard work, or social-norm Blackmail, but comes from Source, just like everything else, we need to ‘thrive’, instead of, ‘barely survive’ in addiction to this Child-sacrificing malevolent World.

After losing connection to my, own Conscience, I have become a kinder feeling empath, and a constant seeming mistaken threat to others suffering, just like me, before I sat down, closed my eyes, and meditated my suffering ass off. Like kindness comes from within Spirit devotion, so too, does being able to feel again, without letting those ephemeral duties control my reactive behaviors any more. Money, kindness, and feelings come from turning within, to ask for help to forgive all my captors that, still suffer much tortuous regret for forcing me, to do things out of fear, that no Child would, ordinarily want to do.

After annihilation traumas of the lower fourth dimensional ‘murky unkind’, everything outside triggered my reaction to live in the past swamp, ‘as if’, so, as I became more addicted to the outside Illusion of, more fear piled up onto, more traumas, I “Love” to admit that, with a gift of desperation, I became a, very willing candidate to surrender to something else, besides this unholy smelling foul-World of sulfur-predator crap. Now I see, all suffering evidence, as a gift from ONENESS to have compassion, and Mercy for, all who, still haven’t turned within to receive Money out of nowhere, and become a kinder feeling person, instead.

I am more sensitive to Blackmail than I have, ever realized, and even that’s a gift now, because I used to blame myself, ‘as if’, all evil was my fault, but NOTHING can, ever be further from the Truth. I was a beautiful innocent Child, and I, still am, inside, no matter what I used to think, and no matter what constant Blackmail, still wants to make me feel that lost-soul way. Blackmail is a constant battering here in Karmic Hologram miming-mirror Earth Paradigm, and who knew; before I turned within, where enlightening compassion makes me feel like a ‘kind kid’ with pocket treasures full of Sparkling Golden innocent-kaleidoscope perceptions again?

When I surrendered to Holy Spirit, Money was the furthest thing from my new mind of Delight, and I, certainly was convinced, that I would, never become a kinder feeling empath, ever again. Getting old had become a ‘given’, but turning within has made, even gettin-gold a ‘variable’ out of my getting younger now, every time Holy Spirit welcomes me inside, where eternal youth commands, all kinder feeling empathic Mountain Top kindergarteners.

Money, Holy Spirit, my soul, kinder feeling empath, forgiveness, my Conscience, compassion, Mercy, my Inner Child Spirit, eternal youth, the willingness to face outside Blackmail with a new motive to serve, with the, very “Love” that I have to admit, all these Wonderful gifts from within nurturing, that replaces any more outside need for what, best can be defined as needy-ransom soul-selling Blackmail=Burnout.

Inner-Child Spirit Safe-Home, within

author Pine Cone

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 27, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 27 2017

Compiled 12:17 am EDT 27 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. June 26 2017 8:17 pm EDT Current Situation Bluwolf: "Current Situation" - Bluwolf Intel Update 6-26-17

1. For many years I have stated that everything and everybody must go silent for the RV to be released.

2. Finally this silence (happened) and I thank the proper authorities for their imposition on this important Worldwide 209 Country Event.

3. The world's people will be receiving their relief that since Nov. of 1963, was signed off to be released for all humanity.

B. June 26 2017 10:37 am EDT AdminBill: "Main Sources Not Responding" - WSOMN AdminBill Update 6-26-17 It has been very quiet behind the scenes. There are 90% of our contacts who claim their main sources are not responding to calls, texts or emails. That is why you are not hearing info other than "news" from Iraq.

C. June 25 2017 Alert from One in the Media: ~NEW GURU ALERT~: "The RV is real, and it’s going to happen", 25 JUNE

1. Being in the media, I have recently been give access to RV Intel from a source close to the operation. What it has done is given me a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for what the Intel providers, like Patrick and Yosef, are doing!

2. I have privately been passing along info to Patrick, but I did not have the guts that these guys have to make it public!

3. This is an almost hour by hour fluid situation right now.

4. I have been told more than a few times “today is the day” only to find out that X, Y or Z happened to put a stop to it. So, when they give you Intel, you have to remember that it was most likely that moment. Future changes were based on what’s happening now.

5. I believe there really is some sort of spiritual aspect to this. Out of my friends and acquaintances in the business that are aware of the RV, the only ones that got in the game are the ones that I know are spiritually evolved (nothing to do with religion).

6. It’s odd considering there really is no financial risk to get in. You buy some currency, and if you want to get out, you just sell it back.

7. The bottom line is this: I now have tremendous gratitude for the public Intel providers. Thank you!

8. By the way: the RV is real, and it’s going to happen.

D. June 26 2017: Intel Guru RayRen98:

1. CBI site going through changes. Up and down, up and down reflecting different rates.

2. One of the best things coming across that TV screen was the broadcast, “significant impact to the purchasing power for all citizens of Iraq.” I only know of two ways to have significant impact – do a major drop on all goods and services or whatever you are using to make those purchases is revalued at a higher rate.

3. There has been plenty of talk of the currency increasing.

4. Mosul is a done deal, still have to wait for announcement. Citizens are being told on TV, “in the coming days.” It’s coming out.

5. EID officially ends tomorrow June 27. Some areas extended it into Wed. June 28.

6. We might see some things pop between now and the 30th: Those escrow accounts are to be terminated and Iraq receiving that money with the understanding they are Inter [International?] and the currency revalues.

E. June 26 2017 8:15 pm EDT TNT Thoughts/News: "Extremely Very Important" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts/News


1. A paymaster was told by his attorney that in the exchange when you are asked how much currency you have, tell them, but do not include the ZIM as a currency. Say you have Zim Bonds, not currency. The calculation difference could be huge financially

2. If we do go to exchange centers, it will be very prudent to check IDs of the establishment. Don't get too excited and lose your focus.

3. I personally am going in with the attitude that I'm the buyer of a relationship, not the seller of currencies!


4. Reuters Video: Mosul battle to end in days as troops advance in Old City according to an Iraqi general:


Global Humanitarian Projects:

Global Humanitarian Projects:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 26, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 25, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 24, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 23, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 22, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 21, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 20, 2017

Company with UFO Cover-up Ties Gets Antarctica Contract

June 20, 2017

Company With Ties To UFO Cover-up Gets Huge Antarctica Contract - Why All The Defense Contractors And Mercenaries?

- Clif High Web Bot Project Shows 'A Lot Of Weird Stuff Going On' Down There

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this interesting new story from the Herald Review, studies that were completed upon sedimentary rock in Antarctica have given us undeniable and conclusive evidence that palm trees once grew there in that land long covered by ice as also heard in the 1st video below. As the author of the Herald story asks, how is that possible when nothing other than primitive vegetation grows there today? As we hear in the 3rd and final video below featuring Clif High of the Web Bot project, the data that he mines every day tells him that something very, very strange is going on in Antarctica, and each day he's getting more and more indications that something huge is ramping up down there.

Sharing with us evidence he's gotten through his internet word-monitoring project that, beyond many visits made by the elite to Antarctica, including Newt Gingrich himself in February of 2017 as seen in the Twitter screenshot below, he also sees a big ramping up of jobs in Antarctica including highly elite globalist corporations, (one with long ties to the UFO coverup!), and the numbers of military passes there indicate to him a major operation is being prepared for.

Read More:

Why Doesn’t America Have Free Health Care Yet?

Why Doesn’t America Have Free Health Care Yet??

  -Parisse Deza

I watch the lobby-greased prima dons and donnas of D.C. dance their agenda-driven, snake-oil disco, doing everything they can to get control of everything they can; none but a tiny handful ever thinking of the good of the people. They take advantage, instead of serve.

Power is all they want, because they are empty.

They fight and flap and take money from bigger, more evil fish, and then pass verbal wind: America needs a good health-care plan!, like they care.

But they don’t.

They couldn’t care less. If they did, they’d stop creating opposition and unify around the solution. The obvious, only solution:

For a small fraction of the $54 billion we just ADDED to the already over-blown military budget, every single American could, and should, have 100% free medical and dental care, no questions asked, in any modality the individual chooses (acupuncture, chiropractic, allopathic, homeopathic...,) with no government interference, and no insurance company exploitation, and everybody would be happy. The People’s money, the People’s choice.

Free Health Care. Like civilized countries have. We have the money.

Why is this not even a conversation in Congress?

Why is this no-brainer-of-a-question taking so much time and energy?

I’ll tell you why:

America hates itself. Americans hate themselves. Americans think they aren’t worth shit.

This is what we’ve been bred to believe. This is what we are willing to die for. This is our
government-inspired death chant:

Don’t give us health-care; give us war-fare!!

What would it take for us to turn this monster around? What would it take for us to love ourselves and give to ourselves?

Our representatives can reflect only how we feel about ourselves.

We must demand the obvious solution, THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL EVER WORK, because everything else is needless compromise and a lie. We must demand it of ourselves first.

Free health-care will not happen by any magic other than the American Collective that we are finally, finally, finally fucking saying:

We want it. We deserve it. We shall have it now. Because it’s OUR  common-wealth and we choose to use it for our well-being.

And you jackasses in Washington will stand down now and make it so.

* * * * * * *

Parisse Deza is a visionary in the field of consciousness and creativity. He is a counselor, teacher, Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept, and an artist in many traditional and non-traditional art forms. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of personal freedom in relationship with all Life by focusing on radical truths. He lives in Sedona, Arizona.

Scientists Developing ‘Hangover-Free Alcohol’ to Replace Regular Spirits by 2050

Source: Truth Theory | by Amanda Froelich

Though cannabis has been proven to be one of the safest recreational drugs in the world, it remains restricted in many countries worldwide. As a result, most people reach for alcohol when they want to let loose on the weekends and enjoy social time with others. An unfortunate side effect of alcohol, however, is the hangover one is left with the day afterward. Fortunately, one scientist in particular is developing a synthetic alcohol which is said to be alcohol-free.

The synthetic alcohol is called 'alcosynth' and is designed to mimic the "positive" effect of alcohol. That means one could drink without developing dry mouth, nausea and a throbbing head the day afterward. Its creator, Professor David Nutt, says he has patented around 90 different alcosynth compounds and intends for it to be on liquor store shelves within a few years. By 2050, he wants the synthetic alcohol to completely replace the "regular" stuff. '

According to The Independent, two alcosynth varieties are presently being tested. Said Nutt, "It will be there alongside the scotch and the gin, they'll dispense the alcosynth into your cocktail and then you'll have the pleasure without damaging your liver and your heart." At present, two alcosynth varieties are being tested. "They go very nicely into mojitos. They even go into something as clear as a Tom Collins. One is pretty tasteless, the other has a bitter taste," Nutt told The Independent.

It took several years of researching the brain and monitoring the effects of the synthetic alcohol to develop a non-toxic replacement. "We know a lot about the brain science of alcohol; it's become very well understood in the last 30 years," said Professor Nutt. "So we know where the good effects of alcohol are mediated in the brain, and can mimic them. And by not touching the bad areas, we don't have the bad effects."

According to Alcohol Concern, drinking is the third-largest risk factor for disease and death in the UK. If more people were to switch to a non-toxic alcohol replacement, health concerns related to alcohols' consumption would decrease. "People want healthier drinks," said Professor Nutt. "The drinks industry knows that by 2050 alcohol will be gone."

The effects of alcosynth are said to last a couple of hours. And, after consuming a certain amount of the drink, the effects "round off."

Professor Nutt said, "We haven't tested it to destruction yet, but it's safer than drinking too much alcohol. With clever pharmacology, you can limit and put a ceiling on the effects, so you can't ever get as ill or kill yourself, unlike with drinking a lot of vodka."

Read more: The Spiritual Consequences of Alcohol Consumption

IMAGE CREDIT:vitalytyagunov / 123RF Stock Photo


Mexico Defies America’s Oppression by Legalizing Medical Pot Nationwide

Source: The Free Thought Project | by Rachel Blevins

One year after Mexican President Peña Nieto began speaking out and criticizing the global drug policy, Mexico has now legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

As a growing number of individual states in the U.S. stand up to the federal government on marijuana prohibition, Mexico legalized medical marijuana nationwide on Monday.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto issued a decree, following the bill's overwhelming approval from Mexico's Senate in December, with a vote of 98-7, and from Mexico's Lower House of Congress in April, with a vote of 374-7 vote.

"The ruling eliminates the prohibition and criminalization of acts related to the medicinal use of marijuana and its scientific research, and those relating to the production and distribution of the plant for these purposes."

The decree stated that the nation's Ministry of Health would be in charge of "public policies regulating the medicinal use of pharmacological derivatives of cannabis sativa, indica and Americana or marijuana, including tetrahydrocannabinol, its isomers and stereochemical variants, as well as how to regulate the research and national production of them."

The measure was also applauded by Mexico's Secretary of Health, Dr. José Narro Robles. "I welcome the approval of the therapeutic use of cannabis in Mexico," he wrote on Twitter.

While Peña Nieto was once a staunch opponent of marijuana legalization, he appears to have changed his tune, following a nationwide public debateon legalization in early 2016. He is now encouraging the U.S. to follow Mexico's lead.

During a speech at the 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Sessions, Peña Nieto called for a change in global drug policy, and said he believes drug use should be viewed as a "public health problem," and users should not face criminal charges.

"So far, the solutions [to control drugs and crime] implemented by the international community have been frankly insufficient," Peña Nieto said. "We must move beyond prohibition to effective prevention."

Peña Nieto introduced a measure in April 2016 that would have decriminalized the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis. It would have also freed anyone who was on trial, or serving time for possession of up to one ounce of marijuana. The bill was stalled in Congress.


Transcending Our Created Reality from Our Own Brain

Source: Waking Times | by Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D.

The study of non-ordinary states of consciousness is quickly becoming an established area of scientific and philosophical inquiry. Yet, all the enthusiasm about finding out what these non-ordinary states are somehow obfuscates much bigger, important, and urgent questions: What as-of-yet unknown aspects of reality do they give us access to? And what significance do those hold for the human adventure in space-time?

In this article, I'd like to make a call-to-arms of sorts: A call for a structured, systematic, and rational inquiry into nature through non-ordinary states of consciousness, next to the now established investigation ofnon-ordinary states of consciousness.
What Can We Really Know?

Our Western civilisation is justifiably proud of its cultural, social, scientific, and technological achievements. Western values now pervade nearly all cultures on Earth, and Western-created technology has become an integral part of human activity. We look back at our historical past with the patronising attitude of an adult looking at a child: We have absolutely no doubt that we now know a lot more than we knew then and smile, full of hubris, at the naiveté of our ancestors. Unlike them, we now understand what nature is all about; we know who we are and what is going on; we even acquired a large measure of control, through our Faustian technology, of the forces and mechanisms underlying nature. The present is seen as the highest point ever reached in the historical mountain humanity has been climbing for about two hundred thousand years. Kings of the hill, we see ourselves.

But are we, really? Do we really know what is going on? Or have we been caught in an invisible web of self-referential epistemic trappings?

Allow me to explain what I mean here. The currently accepted view in neuroscience is that the ordinary, waking reality we experience every day is in fact a brain-constructed 'hallucination' analogous in nearly every way to a dream. Indeed, the same neuronal mechanisms underlie our experience of dreams and ofwaking reality.

The difference between the waking hallucination you live your daily life in, on the one hand, and your dreamed-up hallucination during sleep, on the other hand, is merely this: The former is believed to be modulated by electromagnetic signals emanating from a supposed external reality that we can never have direct access to, for we're irremediably locked into our brain-generated hallucination.1 It is this abstract, assumed external reality that, supposedly, explains why our waking experiences seem to be shared with other individuals, while our nightly dreams are highly individual and idiosyncratic.

There is, in my view, a better hypothesis to explain this synchronisation of our experiences during waking states, without the need to postulate an entire, forever inaccessible, external universe.2 But this is beyond the scope of this article, whose conclusions should hold anyway, whichever hypothesis is true. What I want to stress here is that, whichever the case, what we experience in our lives every day is not reality as such, but a kind of brain-constructed 'copy' of reality. The original is supposedly an amorphous, colourless, soundless, tasteless realm of abstract energy fields.

The question, of course, is whether we have any reason to believe that the copy is perfect. Assuming that Darwin's theory of evolution is correct in its more essential aspects, we have to ask ourselves whether evolution would have favoured a brain that created a complete internal copy of reality, capturing in it allaspects of relevance for our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of nature. Furthermore, we have to ask ourselves whether evolution would have favoured a brain that, whatever part of reality it didcapture in its internal copy, copied them without significant distortions that could throw us completely off track as far as putting together an accurate worldview. The answer to both questions is no.

Evolution favours physical survival, not per se the accuracy or completeness of internal representations. It is reasonable to think that some matching between our brain-generated copy of reality and reality itself is favourable for survival of the physical body: If a tiger is approaching you, it is useful to see the actual tiger, and not some other non-modulated, dream-like hallucination. But most people, scientists included, far overestimate the survival usefulness of accurate, complete internal representations.

My own research on artificial neuronal networks shows that, very often, it is useful precisely to distortcertain parts, and cut out other parts, of the external stimuli when creating an internal representation of reality in an artificial nervous system.3 Complete information is often confusing, drowning out the small parts that really matter. Undistorted information is often hard to act upon in a timely manner, due to the subtlety of its nuances. Therefore, these artificial nervous systems perform much more efficiently – and would stand a much better chance of survival if they had to compete in an ecosystem – when their own internal copy of reality is largely incomplete and distorted.

As such, this is what evolution would have favoured and there is absolutely no reason to believe that the copy of reality you and I live in comes even close to what is really going on. We're intrinsically limited to watching an edited and biased version of the film we're trying to make sense of.

Even the scientific instruments that broaden the scope of our sensory perception – like microscopes that allow us to see beyond the smallest features our eyes can discern, or infrared and ultraviolet light sensors that detect frequency ranges beyond the colours we can see – are fundamentally limited to our narrow and distorted window into reality: They are constructed with materials and methods that are themselves constrained to the edited copy of reality in our brains.

As such, all Western science and philosophy, ancient and modern, from Greek atomism to quantum mechanics, from Democritus and Aristotle to Bohr and Popper, have been and are fundamentally limited to the partial and distorted copy of reality in our brains. Western science is thus, from a certain point-of-view, a house of cards built on shaky foundations: The scientific worldview is the result of an internal model of reality whose unreliability is an inescapable implication of that very model; a self-referential epistemic contradiction.

For all we know, we may be locked in a small room trying to explain the entire universe outside by looking through a peephole on the door; availing ourselves only of its limited and distorted images. This, ironically enough, may be the situation we find ourselves in while naively celebrating our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it.

Is there another alternative, or should we resign ourselves to the hopelessness of our ambition to understand reality? There is evidence to suggest that another alternative indeed exists. And, in that case, a new way to structure our inquiry into nature may offer unfathomable new possibilities.
Looking Beyond the Veil

Solid evidence has been accumulating that our minds cannot be explained solely by brain activity; the mind seems to transcend the brain.4 Yet, it is undeniable that the brain plays a significant role in our perceptions and behaviour, as, for instance, the effects of alcoholic drinks make plain and clear.

In an earlier article in this magazine,5 I elaborated upon an alternative hypothesis for explaining the relationship between the mind and the brain; a hypothesis that, since the publication of that article, has gained increased scientific momentum: Consciousness is a fundamental aspect of nature, not depending on any material structure for its existence. The function of the body-brain system is to localise and restrict conscious perception to the space-time locus of the physical body. As such, the brain modulates andlimits conscious perception, this being why, in ordinary states of consciousness, mental states correlate so well with brain states.

As we've seen in the discussion above, such restriction and modulation of conscious perception – that is, the filtering and distortion of the copy of reality in our brains – can have a significant survival advantage, which explains why the brain evolved to perform such counterintuitive tasks.

Now, because the brain works as a kind of filter of mind, restricting and distorting our view of reality for survival purposes, bypassing certain brain mechanisms could conceivably give one access to a broader, cleaner, crisper, and more reliable view of nature. Historically, most, if not all, methods for achieving non-ordinary states of consciousness seem to do precisely that: To enable expanded perception and understanding by reducing brain activity.

The pattern here is so clear that it is surprising our culture seems to remain largely oblivious to it. For instance, many traditional Yogic breathing practices, as well as the more modern method of Holotropic Breathwork, reduce brain activity through the constriction of blood vessels that results from hyperventilation (which is precisely why you to get dizzy and ultimately faint when breathing too fast). Military pilots undergoing G-force induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) – which forces blood out of the brain, thereby reducing its activity – are known to report transcendent narratives similar to near-death experiences. Teenagers worldwide play a dangerous, potentially fatal game involving partial strangulation in order to 'trip' without drugs.

Even psychedelic substances, which have always been assumed to produce 'hallucinations' bystimulating brain activity, have recently been shown to actually reduce brain activity.6 At least two Nobel Prize laureates – Francis Crick and Kary Mullis – have attributed their prize-winning insights to such non-ordinary states of consciousness; a powerful corroboration for the notion that such states broadenunderstanding and increase insight, despite reduced brain activity. Even more subtle methods, like meditation, ritual prayer, and sensory deprivation (think of isolation tanks) are likely associated to decreased brain activity.

The pattern here is as clear as it is ancient: Specific reductions in brain activity seem to consistently lead to a broadened and crisper perception and understanding of reality. The hypothesis that the brain is a mechanism to constrain and localise mind is entirely consistent with this: Reduction of brain activity impairs the filter/localisation mechanism, allowing one to temporarily and partially escape its entrapment and come closer to perceiving reality as it truly is.

A tantalising possibility suggests itself, one that has been lost to Western culture perhaps since the extinction of the Eleusinian mysteries: An unfathomably broader and more authentic inquiry into the true nature of reality can be achieved through an expansion of the investigator's own state of consciousness. That true inquiry involves not only the transcendence of physical limitations through the use of instrumentation, but – and more fundamentally – a transcendence of one's own brain-based mental filters. To see and understand reality for what it truly is – to see the original, not the flawed copy – we need to temporarily escape the limitations imposed on us by biology and culture.
A New Kind of Inquiry

In my more hopeful moments, I envision the emergence of a 'New Kind of Inquiry' (NKI); one based fundamentally on the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness to access transcendent, yet natural 'landscapes' otherwise unavailable to our ordinarily filtered perceptions and cognition.

Even though the use of such non-ordinary states is ancient, it has historically been restricted mostly to religious purposes and otherwise (semi-)dogmatic agendas. More recently – namely, in the 20th century – it has partly freed itself from such agendas, but become then a vehicle for purely personal, idiosyncratic insight. While valuable to the individual, the broader cultural impact of these personal insights has been extremely limited: Our culture is still dominated by the subjective belief-systems underlying the current scientific paradigm, which irrationally rejects the value of non-ordinary states.

In the meantime, Western civilisation edges ever closer to a point of irreversible unsustainability, both environmentally and psychologically. To change the culture and safeguard a healthy and sane future, we need more than isolated, personal transcendence. Many of us, for fear of being foolish, need permission to allow our belief systems to change; permission that can only be gained through the institutionalised, collective validation of new hypotheses and worldviews.

An effective NKI with contemporary appeal, capable of leading to a major paradigm shift in our modern relationship to reality, requires complete freedom from dogma and traditional symbolisms due to the baggage they carry. But such effective NKI must also entail more than personal, idiosyncratic excursions into transcendent landscapes if it is to have true cultural impact.

As a first step in that direction, I envision an institutionalised NKI think-tank whose initial charter would be the study, creation, and refinement of methods for the achievement of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Even though countless such methods have traditionally been available, no systematic, structured, modern scientific study has been done for the very practical purpose of increasing their effectiveness (and safety). With modern scientific knowledge, we should be able to achieve a degree of success in enabling non-ordinary states of consciousness that traditional cultures could only dream of.

For instance, while psychedelics have the advantage of nearly always delivering an unambiguous effect at sufficient doses, they are notoriously hard to control and the insights resulting from their use very difficult to interpret. In contrast, while meditation has historically proven to be the most fruitful method for the achievement of unfathomable but clear insights about the nature of reality, it is notoriously difficult to master to a point where truly transcendent, unambiguous experiences can be achieved. Could we synthesise the strengths of all these methods? Could new and more effective ones be invented, based on more modern technologies like, for instance, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)? The ultimate goal here would be the iterative refinement of a safe, reliable, effective, robust, best-in-class method for enabling any educated and healthy individual to pursue the exploration of landscapes otherwise unavailable to ordinary cognition.

And here is where the second step of this vision comes in. Another, and more important, goal of the NKI think-tank would be to put the best-in-class method discussed above to practical and systematic use. Instead of adventurous individuals pursuing idiosyncratic exploration in isolation, without structure or suitable preparation, and unable to contribute their insights to a growing and coherent body of knowledge, the idea here is to organise structured and coordinated expeditions into transcendence involving various individuals; to have them collect data and compare notes upon returning; to build up and progressively refine compound maps based on reports from various explorers and their different perspectives; to find commonalities and consistencies, document them, and thereby reduce the unreliability of personal interpretations.

The NKI think-tank would attempt to derive rational, coherent models for describing the underlying nature of reality; models that would take into account a broader set of data than that available to ordinary perception; models based on more than just the distorted and limited view through the peephole. Its explorers wouldn't be random: They would be selected based on a broad skill-set. Like medieval explorers – who were selected based on their seamanship, as well as cartography, astronomy, and natural history skills – explorers in the staff of the NKI think-tank would be required to have a balanced skill-set encompassing knowledge of history, philosophy of science, epistemology, modern physics, neuroscience, psychology, mathematics, and, perhaps most fundamentally, the arts. Contemporary 'renaissance men and women', is what we're talking about here.

The think-tank would provide the entire infrastructure necessary for their voyages into transcendence: meditation spaces, isolation tanks, brain entrainment and TMS equipment, appropriate medical staff and facilities in case psychoactive substances would be used, etc. It would also host facilities required for journey preparation, as well as consolidation of results: Well-stocked libraries and network infrastructure for scholarly research; discussion rooms where explorers could debate and compare notes and ideas; conference facilities; data-processing facilities to enable the building of computer models inspired by transcendent insights; laboratory facilities for testing some of these models empirically; gardens for pondering, integration, and recuperation; etc.

The NKI think-tank would also have its own publishing infrastructure: periodicals, book imprints, podcasts, video production facilities, websites, and all that is necessary for the dissemination of its results and ideas. Its independence from the currently established academic and commercial channels would initially be paramount, since the subjective values and belief systems underlying the current scientific paradigm, as discussed by Thomas Kuhn,7 would render these channels non-conducive to new, paradigm-breaking hypotheses.

Through the respectability it would build up over time, the qualification of its staff, the quality of its results, as well as its communication and out-reach efforts, the NKI think-tank would insert itself powerfully into the collective mindset of the culture. It would give legitimacy to the New Kind of Inquiry it would embody and represent. It would broaden the horizons of civilisation through the generation of coherent, appealing hypotheses regarding the nature of reality and of our condition within it, free from tradition and dogma. It would give many intelligent, educated, and perhaps influential individuals permission – as well as a little more latitude – to seriously entertain worldviews that would otherwise be considered taboo. The NKI think-tank would become a significant catalyst for a shift of paradigm in the way our civilisation relates to reality and, as a bonus, re-introduce hope and meaning into the mainstream cultural dialogue.
Concluding Remarks

This is my dream for a New Kind of Inquiry. As a vision that aims at stimulating the imagination, it would be silly to restrict such a dream based on practical limitations or notions about what is 'realistic' to accomplish at this time. Therefore, I may have allowed myself to get a little carried away above. Still, I do believe that something along those lines is urgent and essential to the progress of our worldview as a civilisation. It may be essential even to our very physical or psychological survival.

Our current materialistic worldview is self-contradictory, self-limiting, reduces humanity to a mere accident of probabilities, empties life of all meaning and telos, and manages to make no distinction between intellectual garbage and transcendent insight. Such is an unsustainable state of affairs; it translates itself into intellectual polarisation, alienation, and hysteria, all of which are plain to see in today's society.

A breakthrough is required, something I believe the collective unconscious is 'cognizant' of and which, therefore, becomes inevitable. With this article, I hope to have helped shape a mental image of how the breakthrough could begin to take place; a first of many steps required for the attainment of our true freedom.

For more on this subject and related, see Bernardo Kastrup's books Rationalist Spirituality (O-Books, 2011), Dreamed Up Reality (O-Books, 2011), and Meaning in Absurdity (Iff Books, 2011).

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